Satya Brahma is the Founder Chairman & Editorial Head of the illustrious Network 7 Media Group having its wide portfolio in mainstram media in the form of current affairs news magazines, specialized & much widely acclaimed global meeting events, healthcare communications & digital media. Under the Banner of Network 7 Media Group, Satya founded Pharmaleaders, Asia’s most analytical healthcare bi-monthly magazine &india’s best known peer reviewed pharmaceutical & biotechnology voice. Satya also gave birth to Indian Affairs, again a biggest media property which aim at bringing qualitative change in society through fair, independent & unbiased current affairs magazine. Satya felt the need of airing the vital & most neglected areas in mainstream news platform & almost singlehandedly conceptualized, innovated & formatted the much awaited annual event for the corporate world – India Leadership Conclave & Indian Affairs Business Leadership Awards in 2009. Satya is also the founder of prestigious international events such as Jai Mumbai which is conducted in memory of 26 /11 tragedy. Satya also pioneered the neglected healthcare scenario in the country & started a vibrant international platform in the form of a debate in the public & has been widely appreciated by the think-tanks of the society & is the most widely awaited event in healthcare known as Pharmaceutical Leadership Summit &Pharmaleaders Business Leadership awards. Founded in 2005, the annual affair in india is much talked about industry news. Satya is a Management Guru, Author, Firebrand Speaker, Transformational Leader & a much sought after speaker in National & International platforms on wide ranging topics.

Satya Brahma’s fearless reporting & penchant for creating a mass movements to empower Socially Challenged Issues earned him the distinction in the field of Social Entrepreneurship.

Satya has published many award winning periodicals, magazines, journals & columns which has appeared in many National & International Dailies. Satya envisaged & published India’s First Comprehensive Drug Reference Guide with a total No of 1000 Pages covering more than 10000 Molecules & as many as 120 Doctors giving their inputs. Under Satya’s leadership & visionary farsightedness, many top corporate & management schools were revamped & given a new look. More than 500 top achievers of the world were felicitated in the Events organized under the direct supervision, Recipient of many honours & recognitions in India & abroad, Satya believes in empowering the unsung heroes of modern India. Satya is a multifaceted personalities & believes that nothing is impossible in the world if dedication & sincerity are there & refuses to believe that India is not a nation of billion problems, rather a billion opportunities which need to be explored. Though one of the leading voice in India’s think tank, Satya is by nature a simple & down-to-earth introvert while not in work.