Demand for Odisha IIM at Berhampur, IIM-Berhampur demand is based on sound logic and must be conceded by the State Government!

The Himachal Pradesh Government has decided to locate the proposed IIM in the State at Dhaulakuan near Nahan, in recent times the IIM in Haryana has been established at Rohtak, IIM in Tamil Nadu is located at Tirchy, IIM in Rajasthan is located at Udaipur, IIM in Madhya Pradesh is located at Indore, IIM in Kerela is located in Kozhikode and IIM in Uttarakhand is located in Kashipur. And non of these are the capital cities of their respective states. Infact, some of these cities are much smaller in size as compared to Berhampur city.
Odisha government has so far established several Central Institutes like IIT, AIIMS, NISER, IIIT, IIPH, NIFT at Bhubaneswar, NIT and BPUT at Rourkela, Central Rice Research Institute & Law University in Cuttack, VSSUT at Sambalpur, IIMC at Dhenkanal, National Steel Institute at Puri, CIPET & AIIMS mini campus at Balasore and Central University in Koraput. Berhampur seems to be the forgotten frontier of our State. Due to step-motherly treatment of Odisha government towards Berhampur, this city didn’t get a single Central Institute yet. It is noteworthy, Berhampur has the advantage of a city which is well connected with rest of India by road and rail, a city with STPI, University, Medical college, a dozen odd engineering colleges, 2 SEZs, port apart from a host of tourist destinations are located close by. A Green field Airport in Berhampur itself is coming up very soon. The Central govt. has already given green signal for a low-cost Airport in Berhampur. Finally, Readymade National standard Infrastructure to immediately accommodate IIM Odisha (from this year) is also available in Berhampur. Therefore, the establishment of IIM at Berhampur is highly justified and it will lead to better distribution of Central Institutions in the State.
Due to constant negligence to South Odisha & Berhampur, some people have already started a separate Statehood demand for this region. The relationship between South Odisha and the rest of the State is gradually widening.

IIM-Berhampur demand is based on sound logic and must be conceded by the State Government. The State of Odisha cannot forget its southern region in the development matrix of the State and distributive justice must be adhered to in the distribution of National Institutes. If the Odisha Government fails to rise to the occasion and succumbs to capital-centric lobbyists than the future of united Odisha is doomed. South odisha will chart its own course of development and decide its own future. So, recommend IIM at Berhampur for the larger good of Odisha state- that is the only plea before the Government of Odisha .

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